Israel – Thursday – Masada and the Dead Sea

Up and out early as it was going to be hot today – 112!!!! But dry heat yet 112 is hot regardless of dry or humidity!

We took off for Masada from Jerusalem. Jerusalem is lush and green and urban. We passed through a tunnel and it was yellow and hilly and desert! Amazing how quickly the topography changed!

See the camel!!!

This Judean Wilderness is where David was when he was on the run from Saul. John the Baptist preached around here and this is probably the wilderness Jesus was tempted in.

Masada was about an hour ride.

Excavation began in 1980. It is the site of the last stronghold held by the Jewish Zealots in 79 AD.

A model

A view from the top. We had to take a cable car to the top.

The ‘bridge’ the Romans built to breach the fortress.

A cistern

From Masada we went to the ancient ruins of Qumran, the discovery site of the Dead Sea scrolls. This is the hillside of the cave.

And this is zoomed in to the cave that contained the most scrolls.

These are the jars the scrolls were found in:

As we were traveling down the desert, we saw these wild gazelles AND I was able to get a picture!

We stopped to view ‘David’s Waterfall’. Yes, it is there – a stream falling at the left back in the green area.

we went to the Dead Sea and did a float! Was really fun! No pictures as we left everything valuable (phone) on the bus.

Was a really really hot day – 110!!! We were all exhausted and ready for showers when we got back to the hotel.

A nice dinner and a glass of wine on the deck.

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