Israel Day 5

Wednesday we walked through Jerusalem. It was hot; we saw tons; my brain went to overload and I have no idea where to begin to share what we saw.

Our bus dropped us off fairly close to the Temple Mount. We walked up the Southern steps; 215 feet wide containing 30 steps. We all walked to the top.

From the steps we walked around the Temple passed through the Wailing Wall plaza

We went down into the Western wall tunnels. The tunnel was along the Western wall but much deeper. We walked as long as they go.

We found prayers tucked away as we walked.

After our walk in the tunnel we went to an area newly opened to the public. Our guide has not been there.

We are amazed at the amount of excavation that has been done since 1967. Is difficult to imagine Jerusalem was mostly ruins in 1948.

From the museum we spent time at the Wailing Wall.

From the Wailing Wall we had quite an uphill walk to a restaurant for a typical Israeli lunch.

We then took a walk down to the Cardio maxima. Along the way we came to a piazza where there was the humongous menorah. This menorah is made of pure gold and will one day be placed in the New Temple.

Colleen and Dorisann

I don’t know if you can enlarge and read this about the cardo but this was a description that was at the beginning –

This is a mosaic from on the cardo – a real one.

A couple more pictures underground.

A vendor treat as we walk to the ruins of The City of David.

We went to some excavations of what they believe is the palace of King David.

It was impressive.

These are copies of coins found in the excavations.

There was also an incredible jewelry store that had jewelry designed after artifacts found.

From King David’s palace we went to the Garden of Gethsemane. Small but powerful. Old olive trees.

There was a beautiful church and a group that was having a service in the church sang beautiful songs.

We have a service in the private part of the Garden.

Pastors preparing

Then it was back to the hotel. Wonderful day!

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