Israel Day 4 – Jerusalem!

Our first stop took us up to the Zion Gate:

It is hard to know what to share as my words are inadequate. Therefore here are some pictures:

Excavations around the old city.

Then we went to the traditional site of the Upper Room and King David’s tomb.

The buildings are Byzantine or the 1200’s

The upper room was built on top of King David’s tomb.

This is not the real upper room just the area they think it probably was.

Entering the tomb of David. I didn’t feel comfortable taking a picture in there. It was small. The picture above shows where men enter in a different entrance than women.

From the Upper Room we walked to the traditional spot of Caiphus’ house.

These are ancient steps that possibly Jesus walked down on His way from the Upper Room to the Garden of Gethsemane, then back up after being arrested.

We saw ruins built over what was a rabbi’s house. We enter what possibly could have been the holding area of Jesus the night He was arrested.

we visited the Holocaust museum. No pictures allowed.

From there we went to the Israeli Museum. There was an incredible model of Jerusalem right before the destruction of the Temple in 79AD.

Then there was a large building the had copies of the Dead Sea scrolls.

Today (Tuesday) was very hot – in the 90’s and tomorrow will be warmer. A little uncomfortable when standing in the sun.

It is the Muslim Ramadan. Because of that we may not get to visit the Dome of the Rock.

We passed by the Lion’s Gate:

wall built on bedrock. (Has some important significance. ๐Ÿ˜Š)

our next stop was the Mt of Olives.

We had an excellent lesson on what we were looking at. The golden dome is the Dome of the Rock (Muslim). Very interesting.

And the was it! Early evening!

2 thoughts on “Israel Day 4 – Jerusalem!

  1. Donna, I so appreciate your pictures and explanations. It sounds fascinating and a time to really feel how Jesus ministry came alive. Thanks for sharing.

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