Israel Day 2

Our first stop today was the Mt of the Beatitudes.

This is the traditional site for the Sermon on the Mount. Our guide giving information as to why it is believed this is the place.

An Italian convent is built on the site. Tom in the gardens.

Matthew 5-7

After an hour ride with a great commentary we arrived at Caesarea Philippi.

Located at the foot of Mt. Hermon. We saw Canaanite shrines to Greek gods. This city was the northern limit of Jesus’ travels.

Ancient temple ruins.

Matthew 16:3; 17:1

Two cuties!

On the road again and we crossed the Jordan River.

Our next stop – and it is not noon yet – was Capernaum. This was the center of Jesus’ ministry His last 12-18 months. He preformed more miracles here then anywhere. We only see ruins because it was destroyed just like Jesus said it would be.

Probably shops or houses.

Front of a 4th century synagogue.

Inside that synagogue.

Next to the ancient synagogue was a modern Catholic Church built over the site where tradition says was the house the men lowered their friend in through the roof. You can see ruins under the church.

This picture is inside the church. The glass floor is over that house.

Matthew 4:13-17; 18-22; 9:9-13; 8:5,14; Luke 4:31-33

Then it was lunch at a restaurant on the Sea of Galilee. We didn’t have Asian food as the name suggests! Fish from the Sea if you are a fish eater otherwise chicken.

Then we had a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee! An absolutely incredible experience.

13-14 miles long, 7-8 miles wide; 686 feet below sea level. Windy. No words to describe being on that body of water!

We drove along the Israel/Lebanon border. It was there; I was seeing it; but totally not comprehending the significance of what I was seeing. Also drove along the Golan Heights.

Then we went to the Jordan River and 19 of our group were baptized in the river.

Tomorrow we leave Tiberius, do some more sightseeing in this area before heading to Jerusalem.

Side note: Kay Arthur is staying in our hotel. We had a quick hello with her this evening! Bonus!

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