Israel – Day 1

We were up early – not that was a problem as most of us were awake! We had an incredible breakfast buffet!

We were on the road by 7:30 heading for Caesarea, driving along the Mediterranean.

Our first stop was Caesarea. Herod the Great began building this seaport city in 22 AD. We went into the theater; saw the ruins of a palace (now submerged in the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean, and the hippodrome were chariot races were run.


Where the palace used to be.

Copy of an ancient stone from mentioning Pontius Pilot. Hope we get to go to the museum in Jerusalem where the ‘real’ one is!!!!

Ancient public bathroom.

with Pastor Kelly in front of our bus.

(Acts 8:40; 21:8-9; Acts 10; 9:30; 23:33-26:32)

We drove to the edge of the Mediterranean and took pictures by a Roman aqueduct.

From Caesarea, we drove through the Plain of Sharon (I Chronicles 27:25,29) a strip of land 8-12 miles wide and 30 miles long located between the mountains of Carmel and the Mediterranean Sea. The road (highway) we traveled was an ancient trade route.

We stopped at Mt Carmel were we had a fantastic view of the Valley of Jezrell. This is where it is thought Elijah had his fiery confrontation with the false prophets of Baal, but since everything was burned . . . Below we could see the Brook Kishon (I Kings 18:40).

Pastor Heath reading scripture in the garden on Mt Carmel.

Beautiful valley that used to be barren.

Joshua 19:17-23; Judges 4-5 & 7; I Kings 18:46

From Mt Carmel we headed to Megiddo. It is the Sabbath. We had a typical Sabbath lunch of falafel in pitas with many vegetables to top the falafel-balls off with. Was different yet tasty. I don’t think a picky eater would fair good here. I came with the thoughts that I was going to try different things and probably stick with mostly vegetables. (And desserts! 😊)

After our lunch we visited the ruins of nearly 4000 years ago. Megiddo is better known for prophecy in Revelation 16:16 – Armageddon. We looked on the vast plain where the final battle will be fought.

We also descended into a water system that dates back to 2800 BC!

Joshua 12:7; 17:11; II Kong’s 9:15,19; 9:27

Our hotel is right on the Sea of Galilee for 2 nights.

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