Israel – Travel Day

We are heading out on a new adventure. Not only are we going somewhere we have never been before, we are on a tour; something we haven’t done before! Our trip to Israel is put together by our church. A small group – 32. Not all are from our church and we don’t know many who are.

Those flying from Norfolk, gathered at the airport around 3 this afternoon.

Our flight for Newark left at 5:30. Our flight to Tel Aviv leaves Newark at 11:00 pm! Israel is 7 hours ahead of us on the east coast.

First indication that security is tight. Our gate is closed into the waiting area.

Our 10 hour flight was uneventful. We arrived in Tel-Aviv at 4:15 pm.

Customs was uneventful. We met up easily with our guide and bus driver.

One thing I had not thought of or read was everything in Israel is new since 1948 – the highways, buildings, construction all over.

The hotel is an hour north of Tel-Aviv in Netanya on the Mediterranean. Beautiful hotel.

Our view:

A short time in our room before an incredible buffet dinner. I took a spoonful of most everything. Going to be open minded. This is one of 3 stations.

It was the beginning of the Sabbath and there were prayers being said and candles lit.

How often do you see shelters in hotels?

Tomorrow will begin at 5:45, boarding the bus at 7:30. Will be a long day

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