Day 27 & 28 – Rome

We arrived in Rome early afternoon on Saturday. After checking in to our hotel and getting a little lunch, we took off for our typical walk:

The Diocletian Baths; American Embassy; top of Spanish Steps; then down them and to the left off to the Trevi Fountain. After a gelato, we hit a couple of churches before eating supper at the original Peroni brewery.

Trevi Fountain

A church

Sunday, we did our typical week to Santa Maria Majorie; St Peter in Chains; St John’s Latern; lunch then on to the colosseum and Roman Forum. Just a semi- leisure walk.

At 3:30 we had The Most Fantastic Tour of Nero’s palace. Built in the 1st century, it was covered up after his death and not discovered until the 1700s. It s an active excavation and tours are only during the weekends. I think we were told only 200 people a day are allowed in.

Exhausted travelers waiting for our tour:

Our tour begins:

We have to wear hard hats:

The floor plan:

Some inside pics:

At one point we sat and put on video goggles were we saw a video that showed how the palace looked when it was discovered; how the excavation progressed and in the end, what the palace looked like originally. It was incredible!

Frescos on the high walls:

Original mosaic floor:

A hallway:

The octagon room:

We were all very impressed!

A late night dinner.

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