Day 24 – 25 – Sorrento

Yesterday, Wednesday, was a down day for us. We just took advantage of catching up on things, and walking the streets of Sorrento. We enjoyed the inlaid wood factory, and several of the many, many shops that are in Sorrento. We ended the day with an in house meal. Tom cooked broccolini with Italians sausage. Terrie, Jon, and Leonard provided a fantastic gnocchi. And the girls made an incredible Caprese salad.

Today, we met up with our guide that we had used in Naples, at Pompeii. We spent three hours with her, then we finished wandering around Pompeii. We walked over 8 miles. We saw many things that had been opened within the last 1 to 2 years. Pompeii just continues to grow!

On the train to Pompeii:

A beautiful view:

Our guide who’s knowledge and passion is unsurpassed!

Beautiful remains:

We went into a house that was just available to tourists last year.

After our guide left us we wandered around ended up at the amphitheater and leaving the city through that gate.

We walked into the city of Pompeii and visited their church.

A gelato and back to the apartments for a quiet evening.

Tomorrow is our last day in Sorrento.

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