You all know we love Sorrento! And we love being back!

Our van picked us up at 1:30 and it was the shortest trip we have ever made. Very little traffic! Was sort of hazy.

We had a delicious lemon ice at our stop along the way.

Our apartments:

We had to go to our favorite gelato place:

We cooled off and relaxed in the pool.

A street we walk down by our apartments. The weren’t built for modern day cars!

Sunday we took time to do laundry and slow down a bit. Our goal was to take the 11:40 Hop On Hop Off bus around the peninsula but it was full! So we had to wait for the 1:40.

It was s hot day but beautiful views!

We tried a new restaurant close to the apartments and really enjoyed it!

Monday, we rented s private boat and did something I have been wanting to do – the Amalfi Coast by water! ✔️ on my bucket list!

The day started out a little hazy with rain threatening but all was beautiful!

We stopped in Positano for a visit.

Then on to the city of Amalfi.

At port getting directions:

A wedding!

Getting a coffee

By the time we got back on the boat the weather was perfect!

Was a fantastic ride back to Sorrento.

Back to the apartments for the evening and ordered pizza!

And that was that!

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