Days 18, 19 & 20

With no internet, then being unable to download pictures, I have been frustrated with documenting our trip. I will be More frustrated with me when we get home and I try and put our photo album together!

FINALLY figured out why I can’t download pictures. I am out of media room! I have been deleting old pictures so hope that does it!

On Thursday, We met our tour guide outside the duomo of Naples and had a great tour of ancient Naples. Tom and I have been to most of the places our guide took us but she taught us many things we didn’t know.

The patron saint of Naples is San Gennero and ‘his’ day was Wednesday, September 19. I was surprised we were able to get into the duomo and have few others with us.

How about this for a pastry?!?!?

How is this for a group of tourists!!!!

She was with us for 3 1/2 hours then took us to a restaurant she likes. After lunch, she left us and we walked for another 3 hours seeing several things.

Tom and I are surprised at the cleanliness of Naples; the buildings that have been cleaned; the piazzas that are freshened with new paint and vegetation. Even the crazy chaos isn’t as crazy!

Thursday, our guide along with our friend Susie Carbone, arrived at our hotel with a van. We went to some amazing places!

First was this cistern that was built in the first century BC by the Romans. it was like an underground basilica with 5 naves; arches all over the place. 49 feet high; 236 feet long; 82 feet wide; 440,000 cubic feet.

After the cistern, we went to these bath ruins; a terme that is believed to have been in a spacious palace. There were 6 levels to it. Just a quick peek here:

We then visited Cuna and although we have been to these Greek ruins, our guide was full of new to us information.

After Cuma it was a visit the amphitheater in Pozzuoli. We were the only people there. This in the 3rd largest amphitheater left in Italy. Very well preserved and one can walk all over and under it.

On Saturday morning, we checked out of our hotel and we were at the National Archeological Museum when it opened. Had been a few years since we had been to it and it has recently been updated. Was a nice morning.

Then we were off to Sorrento. Next post!

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