Day 23 – Sorrento

It was a sleep in day; a no rush day.

We all walked to the market which comes around to Sorrento every Tuesday. We loaded up on olives and broccolini.

The walk up to the market:

After the market we went to The Farm. We have been to The Farm every time we come to Sorrento and love taking people there.

There is a group of ladies from Canada staying at the apartments and one joined us for lunch.

Here is Maria and Rosa at the mozzarella demonstration.

our table

Jon and Terrie

And so much food – all made at the farm

Was a much cooler day today and very windy. The streets of Sorrento were full but no cruise ship in. We discovered that the boats to Capri were not running so Sorrento became a day trip for ships in Naples.

We were so glad we did our boat trip yesterday!

After the farm (and a nap!), Tom and I took a walk to the ‘point’. We wanted to look at the white caps. And it was So Clear! All the haze we had the last couple of days is gone!

We had a 7 pm gelato making class!

Melissa and Deb were helpers.

Terrie got to help too!

It was Yummy! (Lemon)

Then a cool walk back to the apartments with a stop along the way.

Plans are up in the air for tomorrow since it may be windy again.

And that is it for today!

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