Day 14 thru 16

On Monday, Pam and Frank left us for Spain. Carol, Leonard, Tom and I took the train to Naples. We caught a ferry to Capri and trekked to our Airbnb in Anicapri.

Our Airbnb did not have internet so no posting. This one will be the Reader Digest version. Also, I have been unable to download pictures at this hotel.

Yesterday, Tuesday. Tom, Leonard and I walked down the Phoenician steps. They are the original path from Capri to Anacapri. Over 900 steps. Can’t imagine walking up them but we did pass people that where. Was beautiful. I will post pictures when I can.

Today, Wednesday, we moved to Naples and met the rest of our travelers. Deb Chapin from Nebraska; her daughter Melissa from Colorado and Melissa’s sister-in-law, Dawn, also from Colorado and Jon and Terrie Edwards from Chesapeake.

After settling in and pizza for lunch, we hopped on the Hop On Hop Off bus

Back in Milano – on Sunday –

Our guide picked us up at our hotel and we took the train to Como. Our guide was born and raised in Como but now lives in Milan. He is a lawyer and I guess being a tour guide is his hobby. He has so much knowledge. We never would have experienced as much on our own.

Pam, Tom and our guide:

Arrival in Como:

was a great day.

I will post pics when I can.

Wednesday, September 19

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